general information


The cost per person varies according to the menu option chosen. It includes: shopping service for necessary ingredients (provided) - cookware, tools, and serving dishes - cooking services and cooking demonstration for participants - cleanup of areas of kitchen used by our personnel.

The minimum charge per cooking party is equal to 6 participants paying adult price (special conditions apply to kids attending the event).

For groups of 15 participants and up special menu options and pricing will apply. Unless differently agreed on, the quantity food prepared will provide "generous tastings" instead of "full portions". Details will be discussed and agreed on with the client, before event confirmation.

All published prices are inclusive of tax.

Individual plates, silverware, and drinks are not provided.

A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit ($100.00 for groups of 15 participants and up), payable upon booking, is necessary to secure reservation. Deposit will be refunded only in the event of a booking that cannot be confirmed due to reasons not imputable to the client.

Deposit can be paid by PayPal on the reservation page, or by check or cash (send to CUCINAMORE, LLC – 608 Newington PL NE – Leesburg VA, 20176). 

The host is kindly requested to collect the balance from all participants, and then provide total payment on or before the day of the party.

Rescheduling a party may be necessary in case of extreme weather, health issues or any other unfavorable conditions. We will decide this together, according to local general alerts, weather forecast, and common sense, in order to keep it safe for all involved.


Rescheduling (subject to availability) and cancellations are allowed at no fee, when requested at least 7 days before the originally booked date. 

A forfeit amount of $100.00 cancellation fee applies to parties up to 14 participants, if the event is canceled or rescheduled within 7 days of the party date. 

Cancellation fee for parties for 15 participants and up will be 20% of the total.

No refund for cancellation of single participants within 3 days of the event.


“How far do you travel for your Cooking Parties?”

We are located in Leesburg, Virginia and travel to a radius of approximately 1-hour drive away.

“How long does a Cooking Party last?”

Parties last on average approximately 3 hours. I arrive to the location 30 minutes before the reserved starting time for set up. 

“What if the number of my guests changes after I placed my reservation?”
An email requesting confirmation of the party will be sent 7 days prior to the event. You can change the number of participants up to 72 hours before the reserved date/time, as long as the minimum party size is maintained.

“Does the price include gratuity?”

No: gratuity is left to your discretion. While always appreciated, it's never implicitly expected.

What is a cooking party?

It's a unique way to entertain at your home with no stress involved for the host: you have a party at your house, but everything happens in the kitchen, more so than in the formal dining room. Shopping, prepping, cooking, and even basic cleanup is taken care of for you.

It's a new experience to share with your friends, getting together at home the way we do it in Italy: cooking, eating, having fun... all of that happens naturally and informally. Everyone gets involved in the cooking process to the extent they choose, but remember: when the food is ready, you will only eat if you at least grated some Parmigiano, stirred the sauce pot once, or chopped some parsley! (joking)

We will come to your kitchen with ingredients, all necessary tools, cookware, and serving dishes. We will then take those home with us, so very little after party cleanup is left to the host. You just need to provide plates and silverware for tasting. 

We will prepare 3 dishes during the event. Drinks and dessert are not provided, but we can offer recommendations for wine pairing, if desired.

Put some music on, open a bottle of wine to share with your friends if you like, and grab an apron: nothing is prepared ahead of time and everything will be made in front of you and with you, in your kitchen. 

There will be chopping, stirring, and tasting for anyone who wants to participate and put their hands to work. We will have fun together turning fresh ingredients into delicious finished dishes, learning a few things about authentic Italian cuisine in the process!

It's YOUR party and everyone can participate as they choose: some might prefer to be in the kitchen only to supervise and "quality test" the ingredients, or spending the entire time chit chatting with friends while sipping a glass of wine. That is perfectly fine too!

Please don't expect a formal seated and served dinner: THIS is what a real Italian Cooking Party is all about!